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+61 415 754 993

7 Henrietta Lane, Manly, Sydney 2095

Our Master Trainer

Antoni Stojak

Man wearing 100Strong top pressing kettlebell overhead

With over 12 years in the fitness industry and a Certificate IV in personal training under his belt, Antoni has gained a reputation for both his highly effective training approach, and his down-to-earth nature. 

Always keen to explore new fitness techniques, Antoni became Australia’s first male Master of Kettlebell Sport in 2012 and again in 2020. He is also the Australian record holder in Kettlebell Sport Biathlon. 

Thanks to his background in classic strength training and martial arts, Antoni is known for his multi-faceted approach to training, which have gone on to become the pillars for 100Strong training programs.  

Passionate about health, nutrition and donuts (hey, everyone’s got a vice), Antoni loves training people of all ages (his oldest client is over 70!) and expertly tailors his approach to suit each individual.

So whether you're 17, 70 or somewhere in between, come join us at our Manly gym - but be warned... this may involve more than a few dad jokes and sudden bursts into Bieber karaoke.