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The bell was exactly what I was after. I love the angles of the handle and the material is perfect. Highly recommended.

Good Kettlebells

Good Quality
Feels and Looks good!
Great Customer service experience and Delivery is quick!

Great kettlebell

Excellent quality product that was delivered in 2 working days (Melbourne)

New 16kg bell

Recently bought a new 100strong 16kg bell. This is my 5th kettlebell in my collection and by far the most comfortable competition grade bell I have.
Service and shipping was also easy and efficient. Wish I bought my other bells from here!

Hey RJ, we're more than happy to help you add to your collection when the time comes :) Thank you for your amazing review.

Top quality product, great service, fast delivery

I have been using kettlebells for a few years and have used many different types, sizes and shapes. These are undoubtedly the best made KB I have used. Given that delivery is free, they are better value than they may seem to be when comparing prices. I ordered from lockdown Melbourne on Sunday and they arrived the following Tuesday. Do yourself a favour and get some

Hi Tim, thank you for this awesome review. Glad you're happy with your order and that you're managing to get your workouts in despite lockdown!

10 Kg. of Perfection

Just purchased our third kettlebell from 100 Strong. We use them at home when not able to visit the gym. These ‘bells are the most comfortable to use that I have found. The quality of the finish is superb and the hole in the base makes for a more balanced feel. I highly recommend these 'bells.

Hi Ross, thank you for another great review and more importantly, your support! It means the world to us.

An Amazing Set of Resistance Bands

The best resistance bands and for the best price! They are high quality and durable, just like everything else that is produced by the 100 Strong Team.

Hi Alison, we're so happy to hear you love your resistance bands! Thank you for your great review.

Great quality and feel

They are really great quality, and feel nice. (The 12kg is a bit heavy for me right now, but I will work up to it!) Delivery to Melbourne in record time! (next day!) Thanks for the recommendation Nate Wells!

Hi Jacki, we're sure you'll be handling your 12kg with ease in no time ;) Enjoy your bells!

Epic Kettlebells

Will be ordering more

Wonderful! Hope you're enjoying your bells Geoff!

Awesome kettlebells

Just bough 5 kettlebells and they live up to their reputation. Highly recommend.

Hi Nathan, thanks for your great review and for being our biggest customer to date! Hope you're enjoying using your kettlebells and please reach out if we can help you with anything else.

Competition Kettlebells

Top option

The kettlebells are an art piece. I love using them not only for how they look but also how they feel. Very comfortable feeling! Thank you for creating this product! Love it

Hi Gergana, you're very welcome. Thank YOU for your support :)

Only bells I’ll Buy

Using these bells after training with another brand is like night and day. They are so well made and comfortable - definitely will be buying more.
But best of all is supporting Antoni who is so generous with his time and knowledge!

Hi Rhiannon, we're so thrilled that you can see the difference in quality. It makes all the work we do worthwhile! Thank you for your awesome review.

Quality to last

Feels perfect in the hand. The gentle curve on the handle, and the weight distribution towards the handle all combine to make the perfect KB. Snatches feel especially smooth. The extra width in the handle compared to other brands (and I’ve tried a lot of them) makes two hand swings feel good too. I’ll be back for another 20kg shortly to complete my pair. And then a pair of 24s, and then a pair of 28s...

Hi Dean, thank you for your great review! We're in love with that perfect grip and we're so glad you feel the same way.

Bells of Steel!

Totally in love with these kettlebells! By far the far the best kettlebells I’ve ever used in 10 years of lifting. Got a 16kg and 12kg the other day, and now I can’t wait to replace all of my old ones... They also chalk up a dream. If you need premium quality competition bells, these are definitely the only way to go.

You’re the best, Sarah. Thank you for sharing such a positive review - it means the world to us!

Good Kettlebells

Nice Handles and paint job
IF you know ... you know
The Gucci of Kettlebells

The Gucci of Kettlebells - what high praise! Thanks Bernard, we're so pleased you're happy with your bell.

These Kettlebells are slick!

The design, user experience and absolute premium quality of these kettlebells are second to none.

They are a pleasure to use.

Thanks team 100Stong. Delivery to Brisbane was so quick as well.

Thanks a million for your wonderful review, Dane! We hope you enjoy using your bells as much as we've enjoyed getting them to you.

Get the Green ones !

Look at these beautifully crafter kettlebells ! They are easy to handle and perfectly balanced for your WOD. Aren’t they look amazing in the morning sun?!

Hi Peter, we're so glad you're loving your bells! They definitely look awesome in that light :-)

Bells from Heaven

Proud owner of two 100 Strong kettlebells. These 'bells are superbly sculpted and balanced works of art. The handles are well rounded and buffed with no sharp edges, and the quality of the paint finish is outstanding. Best of all, they have a hole in the base allowing for any loose metal filings to escape. These will make first-rate additions to any home gym.

Hi Ross, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review. We work hard to craft the best quality bells for our community and we're just glad it is paying off!

Quality Product, Personal Service

I have trained with kettlebells for a decade. Before purchasing my 100Strong kettlebells, I already owned over 2 dozen other kettlebells, of various weights from different companies. These are by far the best. Firstly, the quality of the finish is second to none. Secondly, the fact that they are hollow, and not filled with junk that eventually moves around means they are smooth to lift. Finally, the shape is perfect - comfortable and well balanced, which will benefit beginners and experienced lifters alike. I picked mine up and person and now I’m lifting with a smile again; I wish these were around 10 years ago!

Hi Nick, we too wish these were around 10 years ago! We're so glad you're impressed with the quality of our bells. Thank you for taking the time to write us this amazing review!

Beautifully crafted bells

These bells are nothing short of awesome. They feel and lift great and is pretty much an essential for the home gym!

Hi Fadim, thank you for your great review and for your trust, in us - we're thankful for amazing customers like you.

Highest Quality Competition Kettlebells in Town

Best quality competition kettlebells you can get.
Meet all Australian competition standards to make sure you train with exactly the same kettlebell you are competing with.
And as important as quality colours are amazing and vivid.
Looking forward to train hard with it.

Thanks Max for taking the time to write this review! We're so glad to know that you think of our bells as top quality. Enjoy them!

Hells Bells

If you want to be rolling thunder, pouring rain and comin' on like a hurricane, these are the bells for you.
Nicely weighted, high quality comp bells with a thoughtful design. Will last and last through all your reps and a great addition to any gym.
Get those ringing hell's bells and get the temperature's high!

Dan, thank you for the epic review! Hope you are enjoying your bells.

Excellent quality kettlebells

I bought a 16kg kettlebell for covid isolation workouts. It has great balance and feels great to lift. Definitely a superior grade product, I would recommend them to anyone looking for home gym equipment that also lends itself to competition lifting.

Thanks for the awesome review, Max! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you.