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7 Henrietta Lane, Manly, Sydney 2095

Who We Are

A group of people doing kettlebell training at Manly Beach

We are 100Strong

Our mission is to enable men and women to become functionally strong athletes, so that they can live longer, healthier and sexier lives.

Why We Do It

“Strength is the foundation for development of the rest of physical qualities.” - Professor Leonid Matveyev

We believe that if we can help you get functionally strong, mobile and fit, you're ready for just about anything that life brings your way - whether it's your weekly running schedule, barbell strength training, or sports specific conditioning for surfing, netball or rugby.

  • Quality muscle mass is the greatest predictor of longevity and health span. Greater muscle density lowers our overall risk of dying of chronic disease and improves all health parameters. Loss of muscle mass contributes to poor health outcomes, fatigue, loss of function, disability, fall risk, frailty, and death.

  • As we age, our bodies start to lose muscle mass and bone density. Research shows that people can lose up to 5% of their muscle mass every decade after the age of 30.

  • Strength is the Master Quality - from strength all other fitness aspects are derived. The basic pillars of an exercise program include aerobic conditioning, resistance exercise, high-intensity exercise, and balance training, but strength training is the basis for everything else.

Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training builds truly functional strength directly applicable to the real world.

  • Minimum Effective Dose - kettlebells allow for high workloads with much lower perception of effort. Swinging the bells lets you work your cardiovascular and muscular systems at the same time and can burn more than 20 calories per minute. Add in the high-tension lifts such as clean and press, snatch, overhead press, get-up and squats and you have much more than a complete exercise program.
  • Truly Functional Strength - the essence of functional training is that it has a direct and solid carryover to the real world. Kettlebell training in addition to being highly effective at muscular development, trains us to become well-rounded athletes - requiring balance, coordination, core control, and hand-eye coordination as well as integrated upper and lower body movement. 
  • Reduce Friction to Training - all you need to start is one or two kettlebells and a small space in your home or garage.