Ready to get leaner, fitter and stronger?



Ready to get leaner, fitter and stronger?



So, you're finally ready to get serious about kettlebells?

If you’re anything like us, it took time and more than a few dud purchases (why is Bunnings selling fitness gear?!) to realise that there’s just one cast of kettlebell that will truly support your training journey.

Enter... The 100Strong Competition Kettlebell Series

Based on the OG Russian design, our 100Strong Professional Grade Competition Kettlebells prioritise your comfort, safety and movement efficiency.

Whether you’re brand new to the world of kettlebells or consider yourself a Girevik, let’s geek out a little together:

  • Same size, same shape, no matter the weight you’re shifting – each 100Strong kettlebell weight is cast individually for precision in weight, avoiding the need for fillers. So, your brother’s 8kg 100Strong kettlebell is the same size and dimensions of Antoni’s 48kg kettlebell. Why do you care? This allows for consistency in your workouts, builds out better neural and motor patterns and ensures you a smoother progression to heavier weights.

  • Literally a bell – known as “hollow core” moulding, our competition kettlebells are cast as a single solid piece instead of welding parts together. No more loose bits of filling swishing about as you swing.

  • Firm grip – our 100Strong kettlebells feature 35mm handles – the perfect thickness for a strong, firm grip that will rapidly build your strength and take you through your movements safely.

  • Competition ready – same dimensions as those used across European, American and Russian competitions.

  • Colour coded – to international standards.

  • Sand blasted moulding – for a smoother, more solid finish.

Upcycle It Baby

Our kettlebells are designed for life, but not just your life - seriously these babies will literally last 100 years.

But we get it - the whole point here is that you get stronger right? That’s why once you’ve outgrown your kettlebells #100strongereveryday, you don’t need to worry about trying to get rid of it on Gumtree or having to spend a bomb on a whole new one while the smaller bell gathers dust. We stand behind every kettlebell, meaning - you get to trade it in with us, pay the difference, and upgrade to a heavier weight of your choice!

We’ll donate your old kettlebell to first responders and high schools.